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Niagara Falls, ON

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reply to coaxguy

Re: ikTel Networks - Niagara ISP

said by coaxguy:

Wow, this escalated quickly...

I don't need to defend myself, but I will reply to your continuing "fanboyism" (see I can use internet slang too!).

I don't need to use an ISP to get an opinion of them. This website exists to help educate others on ISPs by reviewing and talking about them. So when I see 76 pages @ 25 posts per page of people asking why their internet has halted to dial up speeds or not working of all, I am well within my right to assume they are garbage.

Second, I dont need you to continue to question the ISP that I use. I have an old review of Bell Fibe, when it first launched in Niagara. Who cares. I've said 3 times now, I am currently with Cogeco until my Start start date in a few weeks. Here is a speedtest I just ran for you.


As you can see, I am getting what I pay for, it may be expensive with low caps, but at least its uptime is 99.9%

Lastly, after working for Cogeco for many years, and an install contractor the last few years alone, I may have not subscribed to iktel, but ive seen it in action and that was more than enough for me to base a negative opinion.

I can only assume you're going to reply with more childish comments telling me I "desperately need psychiatric help" for posting an opinion. Or that I am a "troll". So I will leave this at that.

Gone, SIlvercat, I appreciate your sensibility and responses.

The install contractor (PVS) who hooked my ikTel up told me he uses them as well.

It hasn't gone down for me anywhere near what some people are claiming (every two weeks). It's gone down twice since I signed up. When I was with Teksavvy it went down alot more than it does with ikTel. I will gladly pay the lower dollar any day.


And down for me again.
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