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reply to CoolPirate

Re: [HSI] Charter Monthly Bandwidth Limits

A) It's 30 Mbps not 30 MBps so it would take 19 hours not 2 hours.

B) Charter will only cut you off after 3 consecutive months of going over the cap. And that's only IF they even bother to enforce it in the first place. If your area is not congested they won't even bother you.

C) Charter won't be sued. Nothing illegal about it. Comcast, Cox, at&t all have caps. Satellite has caps, mobile data has caps.

D) There is nothing that would allow you to use 30 Mbps constantly for 19 hours straight. Not legally. Even 2 HD Netflix streams going on at the same time would be under 9.5 Mbps

E) If you need a higher cap you can either upgrade to Ultra which has a 500 GB cap or a business tier which doesn't have any cap.

F) Yeah Charter should have a higher caps since the current one has been in place for 3 years. Average usage has gone up in 3 years so the cap should go up too. That's just logical.