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Good ISP in Montreal (Plateau area) - DSL or cable?

Hi all, I am quite new here and also not a native English speaker (so please excuse any small mistakes of mine ). I will be moving to Montreal on January (to continue my studies) and I am looking for apartments in the Plateau area (somewhere close to Mont-Royal and Laurier metro stations - Montreal residents will understand). One of my main concerns is the available options regarding internet and I would like to know what other people from that area are experiencing (in terms of upload/download speed, throttling, differences between cable and DSL etc). From some research on the topic, I found that ISP choosing is a bit tricky in Canada mostly because there are 2 major companies dominating the market: Bell (DSL) and Videotron (cable). Therefore I will probably go for a smaller-scale company that uses their services but offers better rates and - hopefully - better customer support.
The other issue is choosing between DSL and cable internet. I should say that I don't really care about small differences in prices, my main goal is speed and stability (looking to pay around 50-70$ monthly for a 250-300gb cap). In general, DSL can achieve very high speeds (25-30Mb download / 10Mb upload if you live close to CO and your neighbourhood/house wiring allows it) but there is also the possibility of "throttling", a term I only recently discovered :lol: Cable can supposedly reach high download speeds more consistently (again around 30Mb) but it can also depend on how many customers use the same cable line in the neighbourhood. In addition, the upload speeds have much lower optimal (3 Mb with electronic box is the maximum I have seen). So again it comes to where you live and the current status there. So if there is anyone with relative knowledge about my area of interest please don't be shy
Having a look in canadianisp.ca, I think Montreal-DSL ([url]»www.canadianisp.ca/cgi-bin/ispse ··· QC[/url]) seems like a nice option (they offer DSL or cable), based on pricing and customer reviews. Other options include mysignal for DSL ([url]»www.canadianisp.ca/cgi-bin/ispse ··· NA[/url]) or electronicbox for cable ([url]»www.electronicbox.net/en/montrea ··· ml[/url]). Some people on an other forum, suggested colba as one of the best options. Any additional info and personal experience on these?
Sorry for the text-wall and thanks in advance for your answers


Montreal, QC
The variability of DSL speeds has been greatly reduced so it should not really be that big now and throttling has been officially eliminated but congestion still happens.

For speed and stability: that's cable, but it has high startup costs: install $90 and a modem $100. But you're pretty much guaranteed the speed. Both Electronic Box and Teksavvy offer it.

You mentioned Teksavvy's 25 Down/10 Up, that has a install of $95 but the modem is rented to you, savings of cash. The upload may be 7Mbps or less.


·Bell Fibe
reply to MavygR
I had DSL with Teksavvy (5mbps) and now have cable with Electronic Box (20/2 mbps 250GB for $45)

I prefer cable (I have had zero issues, also hate the thought of Bell getting any of my money) but a large part of my decision was because I did not have Bell for my phone which requires a dry loop fee.

Note there is no more throttling on DSL to my knowledge

My vote is for cable

Go Ebox

reply to MavygR
Some of these small companies resell what they are reselling. For example Montreal-DSL is really a teksavvy reseller. Why go with the reseller of a reseller?

Having said that, so far the best small so-called independent ISP for Quebec cable would be Ebox. As for stability, reliability and support, you can't be cable in Quebec. DSL has it's frustrations.

With the small resellers you want to be on the look-out to see if they keep their end updated (ie. the links they buy to prevent congestion and slow-downs which can last months). Again, Ebox would be the winner here. Be careful about who your choose. It sucks, as people have found out, to be paying good money, get nothing in return and when problems happen because of that small ISP they say too bad for you we aren't refunding your money. This is what Teksavvy does. So avoid them for Quebec cable. They aren't worth the hassle for the money you pay in Quebec.

BTW, Ebox has a forum here: »ELECTRONICBOX


Verdun, QC
reply to MavygR
See if you're close to a CO and if yes, colba.net with adsl2+ all the way.