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Glendale, AZ
reply to TBBroadband

Re: Outbound mail server Spoofed.

I use Google Apps for my home use. had asked the almost same question in security recently. Knew they were spoofed though and not coming from my Google Apps account. Did and do have spf and domain keys setup and working.
Answer was it happens and nothing besides spf and domain keys will help verify my own email. Will not stop the spoofing.

Just wanted to confirm you were not hacked. As you said hacked or spoofed. As said I did not get any way to stop the spoofing.


Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
Since they were using my mailserver if HostGator would have SSL turned on by default I don't see how this would have gone through since the emails where going directly through my server. They also claim that I would not see them in my "sent" folder on webmail due to the items being sent through a client. Which I told them before I do NOT use client email programs for security. But they kept blaming my computer and still did in the end. They refused to take any responsibility on it. The only way they deploy SSL is on webmail which is total BS since I found out by their own "abuse team" their outgoing mail servers are listed on their website and state that no encryption is required. *smh*