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Hilo, HI
reply to BillRoland

Re: [WIN8] With Sinofsky Gone, Start Menu Could Return to Window

I can live with the lack of a Start menu (but I will probably add Classic Start). What I cannot live with in Win 8 is the horrific fact that Microsoft has seen fit to deny me the right to make necessary adjustments to Windows display. To remove Advanced Display/Items list and require me to make very complicated registry changes just to make simple adjustments borders on the criminal in my opinion. I now hope Microsoft goes bankrupt. To give the middle finger to ADA (and those horrible accessibility themes are NOT an adequate answer) is to show extremely bad judgement. I don't need a garish, extremely difficult to read "accessibility" theme. I need the Items list restored in Advanced display. I have a thread here asking for help in how to change the registry item that controls a hideous, very difficult on the eyes, blue color that Microsoft has made unadjustable in Win 8 because of removing Items list. I have had no replies that help me fix this. Microsoft has placed PIECES of the Items list strewn about in various areas of Windows 8 but has completely left out many things on the Items list forcing one to make the changes in the Registry and I have no idea how to do it as I don't know what Dword or string controls the color I need or controls Caption buttons, etc.

I like Win 8 in several ways...if I could fix the horrible display problems (even choosing a READABLE font for Windows is now IMPOSSIBLE unless you make complicated Registry changes! That is insane...you get a windows 8 computer and cannot read anything without difficulty and burning, stinging cloudy vision and you cannot change the font to one that is readable ...Verdana... unless you make changes in the Registry. Whoever removed Items list from Advanced Display should be shot and then slowly tortured to death and I want to do the torturing).

I am not sure how to exercise my downgrade rights. I bought Win 8 Pro so I could downgrade if necessary...at least until Microsoft comes to its senses and gives us back Advanced Display/Items list. I have no Win 8 Pro Reinstallation disk from Dell but I have requested one but I will also need a Win 7 Pro installation disk and I don't know exactly how to get that. Plus, downgrading will mean a terrible search. Search in Win 8 is great but horrible in Vista/Win 7.
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