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Re: Major car repair

Good luck on the CATs. When my four CATs on my HO V8 Mustang GT needed replacing to pass smog my shop and I figured the cheapest way to do it was to simply get an new h-pipe that all ready had good CATs in it and swapped it with my existing H Pipe. Saved several hundred dollars.

Also, perhaps a bit off topic I avoided a lot hassles and inconvenience as well as money with pro-active maintenance and repair. (I started this policy with a new car and I bought and then did following as it aged.)

For example: head light goes out replace it and the "good one." They both have the same hours on it so the other one will be going out in the near future. Best replace in one trip! Same with break or taillights.

Say I had a water pump that had been in quite a long time and was in that statistical areas of soon to fail and there was work being done that woulds save money on the water pump and I would have the pump done too. The same principle on all the mechanical and or electrical type stuff. One muffler getting a bit bad, replace both.

Over the 21 years IMO it saved me a tremendous amount of trips for repairs and or breakdowns plus a lot of money.