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West Des Moines, IA
reply to darcilicious

Re: TV Recommendation?

said by darcilicious:

What source(s) are you using with this TV (analog cable, HD cable, bluray play of bluray discs, old DVDs)?

What kind of calibration have you done (not just randomly messing with the settings but actual calibration)?

I have everything running through a Pioneer receiver via HDMI (bluray, DirecTV, and gaming consoles). The Pioneer acts as the switch which runs to the TV.
I use calibration settings that I've searched online. Specifically cnet's with a comparable model and then I tweaked and adjusted to my liking.

said by darcilicious:

What size is this TV? Was it connected to the same source(s) as the new TV?

The old TV was 42". This was used in a condo when I lived in Chicago and was of ideal size. I have a large house now and the family room is quite large. I would say the viewing distance is about 9' away.