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reply to beachintech

Re: Enclosing an underground drop in conduit

said by beachintech:

Your only leverage for them to come back is it is not grounded before entering the structure, even that won't make it at the top of anyone's list.

It is grounded as it runs the length of the basement back to the front of the house (where the old cable came in through the conduit in the front porch) and there is a ground block on the ceiling, where it is grounded right before the first splitter (2-way to cable modem and the next is a 4-way going to a phone modem and three TVs) and it is bonded to the house grounding cable (coming from the circuit breaker panel going to the cold water pipe from the city water).


Columbus, OH
The point was per NEC and to any respectable inspector, how would we know that? Just like when I was installing DirecTV, we could ground inside, but the job would still fail QC if the QC guy couldn't gain access inside. Its also the reason why Telco techs try to ground and install NIDs near the electric service entrance to bound to ground, it eliminates any issues coming inside and clearly shows where it was grounded at, inside it could get buried behind a wall, cut, ect and thus house catches fire...cant tell if it was grounded inside.