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Hazard, KY
reply to jin

Re: My new estimated fix time...

said by jin:

I spoke to Larissa and this is where we are, no punches pulled. To finish your upgrade we are only waiting on a MOP to be performed (essentially a software upgrade and test). All of the hardware is in place, and was turned up. A problem arose when we tried to move NSP customers (wholesale/resale customers) to the equipment. These NSP customers only use a part of our network then flow on to the network of whatever company they pay there bill to. There was a provisioning issue that kept the NSP customers from working properly, in the end would have impacted all other customers on that equipment. We are in the process of writing and re-running a MOP that will correct the issue and allow us to move all the customers to the new equipment. As this is one of the very last steps in the upgrade/repair process, I believe your ETR to be very accurate. I can understand your hesitation to believe us, but this is where we are and what we are doing to resolve the situation. The end of November is accurate. Larissa has been working VERY hard on your issue, and has not been cutting the engineers any slack.

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