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Re: 2012 Popular Science Best of What's New Award

Exede uses direct connections to Tier 1 network (internet); most all local ISPs go via intermediates which then connect to internet backbone.

Exede can't change the speed of light, or speed of land based fiber.

Exede is a super fast network (ViaSat-1 + AcceleNet Servers).

Exede/Wildblue were focused mainly upon consumer interest mainly.

If you want commercial bandwidth, talk to a rep about your needs; forth over the real bucks per month.

Please understand difference, consumers do not have business accounts, but some consumers are confusing this issue.

What is the difference between WildBlue Enterprise Solutions business class plans and WildBlue consumer plans?

Business customers demand the highest levels of product performance and customer service. WildBlue Enterprise Solutions service plans are optimized for the business customer. With extensive experience and knowledge about your industry, WildBlue VARs offer network design, enterprise installation management, customer service and other value-added services expected from business customers.


Your not making much sense DrStrangLov. I never once said I needed commercial bandwidth. In fact bandwidth is not a problem I see Exede has. As a residential connection it is more than fine. The only problem is latency. This is unavoidable. It doesn't matter what technology Exede has or what kind of upstream providers they have, the latency will still exist.

For the record, nearly all major ISPs are either a Tier-1 provider themselves or connect directly to one. Level 3 would probably be the most common tier 1. It doesn't really matter if local ISPs do or not. The latency it adds on is probably no more than 1-2ms and it does not affect the speed of their services. Heck the company around here that is deploying services has a total of 400gbps capacity to their upstream provider and this company only has 15k customers who are primarily residential.

As far as windows versus linux. I am not using a vpn. The setup I am using is pretty typical this day in age and using other programs/services/etc. is not optional.