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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to cvincent

Re: [Internet] Ubee Issues

said by cvincent:

Same here!! 3 or 4 techs to the house in less that 10 days. different answers every time. Splitters replaced, cables in attic replaced, routers replaced and still the same old crap. random disconnects!!! spent another hour on phone tonight to hear the same old thing everything ok form our end. in the meantime while on hold for an hour 3 disconnects. good thing i was on cell phone cause we loose phone when these random resets of modem occur. as a business owner this is very irritating. oh yeah did i mention that they want my business to switch to their business phone plan they are currently rolling out? is this a joke? if u cant get it right at my home do i really want to trust my business/lively hood to them?

Rather than rant how about lets get it fixed...open a direct forums thread, include your IP address and I will be in touch shortly.
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