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Gen4 and extremely slow upload speeds

Is anywhere experiencing extremely slow upload speeds on Gen4?

The download speeds haven't been great - but I didn't expect great anyway (my expectations were peak time would be between 2m to 5 m so I wasn't surprised that downloads tanked after the 1st week).

But what has surprised me is the uploads. Occasionally, they will be decent - but normally I see speeds below 50kpbs for uploads. Tonight I ran six test with uses and I got 0, 5, 16, 8 0, 25. speedtest.net said 8kbps and DSL later said 69kpbs.

Just wondering what others experience is?

Really regretting the Gen4 upgrade - but with HN7000s service degraded to unusable.......but yes I am a chump apparently.

I've got the 10mpbs plan mid tier home plan.


Reno, NV
You are not the only one having these issues, hopefully they will get things worked out.


Edgewood, TX
reply to MississippiA
seems everyone is having upload problems. It would be nice to have some engineers from HN come here and tell us exactly what's going on. calling customer service is a complete waste of effin time.

what most don't seem to understand is download performance is directly related to upload performance.

don't think so?? try doing some Bit Torrenting and use all your available upstream bandwidth and see what happens to your downstream bandwidth. It disappears fast.


reply to MississippiA
This is the usual with upload speeds. Just talk to someone with DSL, the upload speeds are crap. The upload speeds seem to only be great with cable internet.

When I got hughes, I didn't expect the upload to be good over a satellite when they can't even get it to be good over a DSL line.

In the nighttime hours I have gotten 2MB up a few times. But not usually in the day time hours. Usually around .6 in the day time. But honestly I didn't even expect that with satellite internet.

My download speeds have stayed the same. I seem to get a consistent 14MB down at almost all times now. When it does go down to 7 or 8 it is usually during a few hours in the day time. And 7 or 8 is plenty fast enough anyway so I don't even notice it unless I do a speed test.


reply to TexasRebel
Same upload problem here. Getting 100 kbps uploads on Gen4, with occasional spikes to 500 kbps. But paying for 2 Mbps. Yes, I understand the whole "up to" baloney. Yes, these are speeds reported by the Hughesnet speed tool. And yes, I did 5 re-tests and took an average. Providing a customer at best less than 25% of rated upload speed is not good business practice. Like buying a 'vette, and maxing out at 50 mph. Kind of a bad joke.


reply to MississippiA
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Here are my speeds at 1PM. Tonight I'll get the full 2MB usually.

R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
·Frontier Communi..
reply to MississippiA
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Could this be the issue?
My downlink has been showing X marks ever since the day we had our Gen4 installed.


reply to MississippiA
What beam are you on Diablo? What speeds are you getting right now? I posted my speeds above on the screen shot. I'm doing pretty good at 1pm. 15.5 MB down .76 up.

What are yours and what beam? It seems my beam does better than most peoples. Beam 39.

R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
·Frontier Communi..

Wish i could do one more test with testmy.net but it seems as though i get half way through and then my computer gets disconnected and then reconnects a few seconds later.. I can't do a test using »consumer.performancetests.hughes ··· net.com/ because it shows my java is having issues and it worked just fine before with my old modem so this is surprising.

MAC Address passed
LAN PHY passed
Danube Lock passed
VCO Monitor passed
ODU Voltage passed
Key Check passed
RAM Test passed

Mon Nov 19 19:47:10 2012
Packet Loss: 0.00%
Average Delay: 660.13 ms
Minimum Delay: 622.95 ms
Maximum Delay: 705.28 ms

Mon Nov 19 19:47:51 2012
Packet Loss: 0.00%
Average Delay: 668.43 ms
Minimum Delay: 630.19 ms
Maximum Delay: 711.32 ms

Beam ID 32
Outroute ID 0
Gateway ID 3
HT1000/ 1 watt/ Power Max plan/ 4 pc's on a D-Link wired router/ wireless D-Link router with password
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Cambridge, MD
I am just slow big time downloading. I am on the Gen4 Power Plan. I rarely get those big download numbers. I am getting way higher speeds then I did with my HN7000S but not anywhere near the advertised speeds.

:::.. Internet Speed Test Results ..:::
Download Connection Speed:: 6900 Kbps or 6.9 Mbps
Download Speed Test Size:: 9.4 MB or 9600 kB or 9830400 bytes
Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 863 kB/s
Upload Connection Speed:: 588 Kbps or 0.6 Mbps
Upload Speed Test Size:: 576 kB or 589824 bytes
Upload Binary File Transfer Speed:: 74 kB/s
Tested At:: »TestMy.net Version 13
Test Time:: 2012-11-19 16:35:03 Local Time
Validation:: »testmy.net/db/Fhj4DSK.xoFaG2h
More Stats:: »testmy.net/compID/15986049700
User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/5.0) [!]
HughesNet Gen4


reply to MississippiA
You can read my other post here for my hole nightmare. The short story is since I "UP"graded to Gen 4 Power Pro plan on 11-9-12 from the basic 1 mbs plan my service has continued to "SUCK". The main difference is I am now on the hook for $100 a month up from $50 before Gen4. The bobble heads in India are a waste of time. After 1-1/2 hours they told me 2meg-3megs was good when I am paying for a 10meg plan. Some folks are getting good service but it seems in the central Texas area it could hardly be worse.
I believe Hughes should let everyone who upgrade and are not getting @ least 75% of plan speed they are paying for out of that damn new 2 year contract and cancel our service with no penalty. If not, I am one who hopes a class action law suite can be brought against Hughes Net for Fraud and failure to preform. I am also considering contacting the Texas State Attorney Generals Office to file a complaint against Hughes for ripping customers off !!!


reply to MississippiA
If you just signed up you can terminate your contract before the first 30 days are up.

You are wasting your time contacting anyone about how they are ripping you off. You won't win that one. I have good service but I see that you don't have as much as you're supposed to get.

Honestly though, if it was me, and I'm out in the country and hughesnet is my only option and I could get 3MB down, which is a dsl connection, I'd still be happy!

I'm glad mine does go 15MB but on websites you can't tell the difference between a 3mb and a 15mb connection. You notice it on downloads. My parents have 3MB dsl and it feels the same.

If it's your only option then cancel it and go back to 1MB with the daily cap. I couldn't deal with that.

The upside when the speed is slow, at 3MB you won't take up your cap as easily. Mine stays around 15Mb down, so my cap goes faster. If I click on a video, it will load the whole video fast. If I decide I don't want to watch it, 10 seconds into it, well I've already clicked it and loaded the video, thus my cap starts going down.