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Release and renew DHCP IP Address

When I moved, I found I needed to trade my DSL internet service for Uverse internet service. Everything is up and running just fine.

One thing I noticed with the DSL was, with the PPPoE logon method, I was getting a new and different IP address each time I powered up the modem. On this Uverse internet, I powered down the modem last night, and when I started it this morning, I got the same IP address I had the day before.

I know with many cable internet boxes that there was a way to release and renew the cable internet address on the Wan side.

Is there some way on the Wan side, to release and renew the IP address similar to cable? I'm not sure it is even allocated through DHCP. Modem is a 3600HGV.

With the DSL, I liked the idea of changing to a new IP address each day. Would like to do the same with the Uverse.

Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
U-Verse has what is known as a "sticky" IP -- Dynamic in name, but in practice, almost static

The only 2 known ways to get a new IP address are: 1) connect a new/different modem 2) change your service port at the VRAD

2) is not possibly by the end user, so I'll focus on #1. You could acquire a 2nd 2Wire/Pace 3600 or Motorola 2310 and when you want a new IP address, install the "other" modem

I have heard rumors that is is possible to pull a new IP with the existing modem & VRAD port, but that it basically requires the modem to be powered down when the current WAN IP lease expires. Another customer then has to activate/be assigned by DHCP your old IP address. And then when your modem requests an IP by DHCP, the system/VRAD are forced to issue a new IP, as the previous one has been reassigned. This method is rumored, and a bit of a crapshoot, in 1) knowing when the WAN DHCP is set to expire/require renewal and 2) is dependent on someone "claiming"/getting your old IP address before you get it back


Thanks for your reply. The modem says:
Broadband Link Type     Built in modem - VDSL
Connection Type         Direct IP (DHCP or Static)
Since I'm not paying for a static, it is a DHCP. There was a "reset IP" button, but it apparently does not do a DHCP release. Anyway, I tried it out and wound up with the same IP address.


Chicago, IL
reply to Frodo
I've had the IPDSLAM variant of Uverse Internet since July of 2011 -- over 16 months -- and I've had the same IP address since the date of install. Might as well get used to it being the equivalent of a static address. I've gotten used to that. I've stopped using some of my "no-ip"/"Dyndns"-style domain names in favor of this "sticky" IP.

Of course, if you are a game hacker and don't want the same IP addy the next morning, you'll find this inconvenient...

Port Costa, CA
reply to Frodo
Good luck with it, I've found the reset button used to work. Now that doesn't and really the only easiest way is to replace the RG. That is a sure way to get a new IP.
Speaking of, I just switched services and my INiD has been down for over 3 weeks now, turned it on last night and sure enough got the same IP address. So even if you have the damn thing turned off forever your chances of getting a new IP are still slim.
I'm thinking you gotta keep the RG off until someone in your neighborhood gets service installed and gets your IP.


said by guhuna:

Good luck with it, I've found the reset button used to work. Now that doesn't and really the only easiest way is to replace the RG.

If I remember my DHCP correctly, the IP address gets tied to the RG's mac address. There is only two ways I know how to do it, which is to release the DHCP lease, or change the RG's mac address. I did a search, but found no information on any back doors into this RG or any hidden web pages.

I used to troubleshoot cable service in the distant past, and I believe those boxes has the capability of releasing the DHCP lease.