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Victoria, BC
reply to sandman_1

Re: Astraweb automates DMCA removals

said by sandman_1:

People need to send a message to these providers that do these auto take downs. Stevef (Astraweb rep from Newsbin forums) said Astraweb can't afford to hire someone to review the DMCA take down requests. If money is indeed that tight, then maybe Astraweb have more problems than they are willing to tell us. They are one of the biggest NSPs out there and do just about as much as Giganews and XSNews in total traffic through their servers, third place I think. So it is obvious that they do a lot of business and have lots of subscribers. Also they are a tier 1 providers and no one resells through them like the others. They are no small beans is what I am getting at.

Anyway if these NSPs like Astraweb continue on this course, and it will get worse if they do, they will see subscribers leaving en masse. Unless something is done to placate the subscribers, I can see some NSPs going out of business. The bigger you are the harder you fall as they say.

I would agree. Usenet is mostly pointless if everything is DMCA'd.

Anyone operating in the US is going to be subject to the DMCA.

1) If you're going to operate in the US I think you need to find a way to work within the law but make it work. IE delay the takedowns as long as the law allows. Manually process requests, bet everyone.. stall.

2) Move your business to countries that don't have laws like the DMCA. Asia, Eastern Europe etc..?

I saw those Astraweb comments on the newsbin forum and the poster didn't seem to have a clue. They know what their customers are downloading, they must know if they can't download that stuff, they've got no customers?