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Phoenix, AZ
reply to xymox1

Re: Upgrade from dpc3000 to dpc3010 and slower upstream speeds

Yes, I saw most people here in phx has 2011 firmware..

VERY interesting tho. I am now very sure im getting 3.8 Mb/s up. Ive tested using a number of different methods and they are coming up 3.8-4.1,, The same tests constantally returned 5.5 with the DPC3000..

However i can also show clearly a 1ms drop in latency. About the same jitter. However 1ms is alot in this case. DPC3000 = avg 7.5 DPC3010 = avg 6.5..

But 4mb/s VS 5.5Mb/s is alot.. Im sure broadcom and texas instruments have different stratigies in managing cap rates. One might have lower latency but lower speeds and one might have higher latency and higher speeds..

But YES, I will await a modem firmware upgrade.. I will PM a cox rep to be sure..