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Sudbury, ON
reply to Gone

Re: [TV] Possible to use DCT6416/2000 from Shaw BC on Cogeco Ont

said by Gone:

said by nitzguy:

again with some difficulty sometimes as there were boxes who's OOBs just wouldn't catch for whatever reason...maybe they were fried or something, but boxes did get activated.

There was a guy here maybe six months to a year ago who had that exact issue. Box was on the system, activated but it wouldn't work. One of the Cogeco guys who post here said exactly that - the OOB was fried.

...Well, after I learned that you can break the leads on the Cable in connector on the digital box, I figured anything was possible....I went to screw on the connector and it just kept turning and turning....I guess that got by quality control when it came back into stock . It was a rental so it wasn't a big deal to get it swapped out....with the "built in handle"...loopback...

So yeah, boxes do fry, they work and then they don't work...but...yes, perserverance and I don't know why they wouldn't want to do it....it costs them nothing to put the box on, and nothing in terms of support as you put the ole "Purchased" flag on the box when it gets added into the system...

It literally takes about 5 minutes...add outlet, add rate codes, boom....and again if it doesn't work, no harm no foul, at least you can say you tried and provide some good will to the customer...then they'll say "Well hey at least they tried something...and if it didn't work, well it was a Shaw box...."....

Then the customer doesn't think "Wow, Cogeco trying to screw me again, where's that Shaw Direct or Bell TV/Expressvu Flyer?"...sometimes again its hard for some people to see the forest through the trees...if you don't give customers a reason to look elsewhere...typically they won't look elsewhere...You'll get churn no matter what, but the vast majority of subs, stay subs because Cogeco was there, not in that perhaps they resolved their issues to their 100% satisfaction be it call in wait times, or other issues, but that they lend an ear and hear the customer out and do whatever they can in their power to help....customers I'm sure know that Cogeco isn't a god and that they're trying to add channels and add capacity for internet services, etc, but it all takes times and resources and whatnot...anywho....enough of my rant lol.

Good luck to the OP.



Typically if you mention you have a DCT and it's one of the models they officially support, they'll take down the serial number and try to add it. If that doesn't work, they ask for the UA number and transfer you to activations. If that doesn't work, well, you're probably out of luck. I mean, there probably is a way to get it to work, but considering the fact that Cogeco's resources for the engineers and IT guys are already very limited (see: Webmail outages) I don't think you'll be getting a higher-up guy to fix it for you.