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The latest regarding the Forum closure

I just discovered that every reference to the Mike Holmes Fan Forum on Google now shows the new page they put up after closing the forum.

There are 6 pages, going all the way back to 2006.

There has been no response from Mike Holmes or the Holmes Group to any of the comments that have been posted so far on this site, nor the Mike Holmes Blog Spot, nor Facebook, nor my letter to Mike.

I'm guessing that Mike still has not recovered from the illness he contracted when he was in Central America.

The obvious sign of that is the fact that there have been no new entries since Nov. 1st on the "Latest News" section of the opening page of their website that announce his activities, appearances, book signing, etc.




So much for Mikes integrity and those that saw to the closure of the Holmes forum.

There was a lot of good info on the site and it was well moderated.

The actions speak to me and confirm that Mike thinks he is an island unto himself.

I have asked numerous times of Mike what qualifications he has in building diagnoses, mould and infrared, but he never replies. Seems hypocritical to say the least that he pontificates about quality and integrity but those qualities seem to be in short supply when it comes to standards that he cannot subscribe too.

Now the government of Ontario has relied on him of all people to pronounce how inspectors should be licensed.

Ya okay Mike, put your money where your mouth is and join a home inspectors association to show your good faith and that your abilities match your so called standards of professionalism.