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North York, ON
reply to TSI Andre

Re: New speeds Rogers cable - Teksavvy watch out

Here's hoping the fact that Rogers was offering its own customers these upstream speed upgrades back in August/Sept 2011 for free without providing them to TPIA could get everyone the upgrades now.. They really need to order Rogers to provide them to all TPIA providers, and not just those on Agg.
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The Mongoose

Toronto, ON
I'm not optimistic. I read Rogers' defense and while I agree it's bulls***, I'm worried there's enough there for the CRTC to find the excuse they'll be looking for to find for Rogers.

Just beneath the surface, Rogers is basically telling the CRTC that they've got two conflicting rules: The price-matching rules and the new tariffs already set for higher speed tiers. One way or the other, the logic goes, the CRTC will be violating one of its own rules, so it makes more sense to break the speed-match rule because the Tariffs are so neat and tidy and mathematical.

It's crap and Rogers is, as always, lying and obfuscating. But I'm not confident that they won't succeed.