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Signing up for Rogers Ultimate 150/10-purchase modem, deals?

Hi everyone,

I'm about to sign up for Rogers Ultimate 150/10 service. I regularly upload/download 1TB a month, so I'm going to blow through the cap and hit the $100 overlimit charge monthly. It sucks (considering I'm coming from Teksavvy where I only ever pay $60 a month tops for 28MB down).

... the problem is, I can stream my slingbox HD to my iPhone or iPad with only 1MB up that I get at Teksavvy...

Anyway, that being said, I understand that there is an $8/month modem rental fee. Is there any way around this? I purchased my Motorola Surfboard 6120 that I use with teksavvy. Can I use it for Rogers Ultimate service? If not, which modem should I purchase - does Rogers allow bring your own modem?

Second, any deals out there for this service? The best I can do is 25% off on a 2-year contract.



Rogers new modem combo required for New Ultimate. You can either rent it or buy it for $200.

They only waive modem rental if you have been a customer for sometime and were lucky to get a good deal like 30% off internet + free rental.


London, ON
reply to Tuffcalc
The new Hitron is a trade off according to other threads here. Lousy wireless, limited home network device connectivity vs 150/10 if it's available in your area.

I could find better things to do with my $200 like, say, buy a Cisco Gateway for $149 and do what these guys did here:

said by yyzlhr+friends :

I just checked with some of my internal sources and they confirm that the 3825 CAN be used with the 150/10, however the modem itself must be migrated onto a different product code. Normally the SMC and Cisco D3 modems are issued under the same product code, however there is a product code exclusive to the Cisco gateway that is seldom used for simplicity purposes. They will have to move your Cisco gateway onto the Cisco gateway only code, I don't know exactly what it is but it's labelled D3v2 Rental/Purchase etc. You can try calling in and having them switch you to this code but you MAY have to bring your cisco gateway in and swap it for another cisco one due to a system limitation.

Reply: yyzlhr, the process you specified worked perfectly. I went to my local Rogers store, the rep found the code, swapped the 3825 for another one to get it on the 150/10 tier, and then swapped it back to my original modem.


reply to Tuffcalc
I assume I can just shutoff the routing functions of the Hitron and continue to use my Airport Extreme as the home router?


London, ON

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Yea, that's the route most guys take, as painful on your wallet as it is...............apparently there's a new Rogers Hitron Gateway: Hitron CDE-30364. Don't know if it's an improvement over the original CGN2.

Limited info: »communityforums.rogers.com/t5/fo ··· 7/page/3


Scarborough, ON
reply to elitefx
The Cisco can no longer be purchased for $149. It is now $199 as a courier/tech fee is automatically factored in.