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Edgewood, TX
reply to MississippiA

Re: Gen4 and extremely slow upload speeds

seems everyone is having upload problems. It would be nice to have some engineers from HN come here and tell us exactly what's going on. calling customer service is a complete waste of effin time.

what most don't seem to understand is download performance is directly related to upload performance.

don't think so?? try doing some Bit Torrenting and use all your available upstream bandwidth and see what happens to your downstream bandwidth. It disappears fast.


Same upload problem here. Getting 100 kbps uploads on Gen4, with occasional spikes to 500 kbps. But paying for 2 Mbps. Yes, I understand the whole "up to" baloney. Yes, these are speeds reported by the Hughesnet speed tool. And yes, I did 5 re-tests and took an average. Providing a customer at best less than 25% of rated upload speed is not good business practice. Like buying a 'vette, and maxing out at 50 mph. Kind of a bad joke.