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Phoenix, AZ
reply to xymox1

Re: Upgrade from dpc3000 to dpc3010 and slower upstream speeds

CoxVegas took care of my firmware update very quickly. I have always been impressed with the speed and competence showed by the Cox reps who man these pages.

I need to do full tests but the firmware upgrade to my orginal DPC3010 seems to have fixed the issue. So all my complaining might have been for naught. Well, finding the slightly lower latency thru the DPC3010 is important and finding virtually no difference in performance using DOCSIS 6x3 vs 4x3 with my current speeds in phoenix is important. The modems are almost identical in the 65M/s ultimate tier.

( in case you wonder, the San Jose - Smug Mug server is the fastest and most repeatable test from my location in phx )

I will do more testing once my second one arrives later today. Im still going to use that one as it came right from someone who got me a recent production unit manufactured not long ago.

I will also be getting the SB6180 and will do testing with that one as well.

Im going to really test these to determine if there is any difference in real performance. Im also going to look them over from a engineering standpoint as my real life job is a electrical engineer.

One of the things thats a issue for both the DPC3000 and 3010 is heat. While the build quality is quite good bot the processor chip and the radio get overly hot. Using a good temp probe and measuring the chip on both they both sit right at the very top edge of thier thermal range. This is bad. I modded my 3000 with a small fan long ago. The 3010 seems to radiate even more thermal energy but I have not tested yet. It will be interesting to see the Motorola design and see how it handles the intense processing requirements thermally.

I wonder what change in firmware caused the upload speed to be better ? Too bad there are no public version notes..


Portsmouth, VA
·Cox HSI

Trust me there are many changes from the 2009 build you had on it to the 2012(?) build that was pushed to the modem. I mean just think of it like a router, one firmware can fix, or break many things. The reason ISP's handle the testing of firmwares for modem's on there network, and why it takes a while for new firmwares to be released. No firmware is perfect, as there is always some kind of bugs, you just hope they are minor one's that you can work around.

Also thinking about it, when I first started using my Cisco DPC3010. Which now is a backup, and collects dust. I had problem's with upload speed being rather low, and once cox pushed a newer firmware thing's were better. Which to me seemed like the CMTS, and modem worked together better after the newer firmware. I simply don't use the DPC3010 any more, because as I said before. I enjoy having access to more modem info, and the D3 motorola modem's provide that for troubleshooting.