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TSI Martin
Chatham, ON

Thank You!

Glad to see all is good for you. Sorry about that 30 day delay as it seems you may have been misinformed. But yes typically we are unable to place an order with more then 30 days in advance.


Hi Martin, I didn't place an order for more than 30 days in advance. I wanted a start date in two weeks, as that was when my Rogers internet was going to be discontinued. But the phone rep said the start date couldn't be less than 30 days when I gave him my cancellation date with Rogers. If that's the policy, then that's fine. But I signed up online as a customer with no prior cable internet and was able to get a start date less than 30 days. My thought was why the rep on the phone couldn't have put the order through the same way? Was it some limitation of the tool he was using? Was it training?

Anyway, all is good now (and has been for the last 1 year and 3 months). Keep up the good work!