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Re: [Business] Main electric being changed to underground condui

said by ropeguru:

Just as an after thought, did you run a conduit for Comcast and a conduit for AT&T? I have heard many times in the past that they will not use the same conduit for their cables.

I know it wasn't what you were asking but just thought I would throw it in there for future consideration.

Four conduit lines were run, 1 for the electric utility, a recommended spare for the electric utility (as it will be under an 85 foot long paved driveway) and 2 conduits, one for Comcast one for AT&T.

We haven't used AT&T in years, but will likely contact them to assure that service is continued to the home, though we won't be using it. As for Comcast, I'm uncertain what the process is to switch from overhead to conduit cable.
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Call 1-800-COMCAST, tell them your utilities have been moved to underground and you need them to move their drop, and that's conduit already exists. They will send someone out and you can take it from there, as long as the cable runs to the same general location it did before for the power meter area , its a simple switch. If you moved where the power meter is on the house then you have a more complex task ahead. Also, one that will likley require you paying to move the point of distribution.

IE if it used to be on the garage side of the house and it stayed going to the garage side of the house [maybe a few foot of change, but nothing that could not be covered by placement of ground block where it comes up and a feet feet of cable from the ground block to .the splitter then its going to be pretty simple. IF, however, you moved it to another location like around to the back door or to a detached garage instead of the one that is part of the house, you made things a whole lot more complex, and you can expect to pay to cover the new requirements of providing service to your house.