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The Rock
reply to cissjbk

Re: uverse now offering bridge mode on static ip offerings?

said by cissjbk:

If you get IPDSLAM service, you'll get a NVG510 Router, which can be configured in IP Passthru mode. If you get VDSL Service, you'll end up with a 2wire / Pace 3600 or 3801 (depending on what services you have and what area you are in). The 2wire units don't do a normal "bridge" or "passthru"; you have to configure DMZ Plus for each static IP... if you have multiple static IPs, you must map them to a unique network interface on your firewall router (1 IP per MAC address) --- this is the key difference and aggravation with the 2 wire firmware; with every other ISP CPE I've dealt with, it's not a problem to assign multiple public IPs to a single ethernet interface, the 2 Wire is the exception.

Yep. I have not seen a way to issue multiple IP's to the same device on my 2wire 3801. In order to utilize all of my IP addresses I had to include a hub between the router and part of my network.
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