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Warwick, RI
reply to CptSpaulding

Re: Obligatory rant from Tennessee

said by CptSpaulding:

birdfeedr probably has a torrent client running now seeding all kinds of copyright material.

Actually I don't. I think I've used a torrent client three times, and in every instance, to locate and download published material that is out of print. One was a repair manual.

»Re: [Northeast] Available FiOS Internet usage meters?
Does this look like a bandwidth chart for a person seeding torrents.
And, an explanation of my typical usage. »Re: [Northeast] Available FiOS Internet usage meters?

And, you're right, I really don't care.

Now, in this age of bought and complicated laws, I know what an ordinary person would consider reasonable and fair use. I stay within that boundary, and don't have any problems sleeping at night or worrying whether I will get some false positive.

If I do, I assure you it won't be me paying for my defense after I'm done. Somebody's going to be the test case, and I seriously doubt it will be me, but I won't shy away from it if it comes to pass.

My original post was really an attempt at sarcasm, because so many on both sides of the question get their panties in a twist over this.

Brownsville, TX
reply to birdfeedr
I have an army of lawyers ready to take twc down if they disconnect my internet


Monroe, MI
reply to birdfeedr
• Everybody who uses torrents are pirating something.
*sidelong glance at uTorrent seeing Linux Mint 14 ISOs*

It's called counter-piracy, matey! I can't help meself - makin' those landlubbers at Microsoft walk the plank really puts the extra shiver in me timber ... *thumps third leg on deck* ... if ye sprechen me deutsch - HAR!


reply to birdfeedr
said by birdfeedr:

To save some of the effort and repetition,

• Only copyright infringers will receive the notices.
• Everybody who uses torrents are pirating something.
• If you pay for content, that's what you're supposed to do.
• Content producers have the right to control access.
• Anyone who wants something different than what the studios/labels want are pirates.
• You only have rights to view/play the content. You do not own it.

Now that these points are made up front, they don't need to be repeated endlessly.

Did I miss one?

[edit to add]
• It's against ISP TOS, therefore safe harbor provision can be selectively enforced.
• Enforcement action is merely "educational" and short term, so it doesn't have lasting effect if you aren't a pirate.
• Defending yourself for $35 is worth it if you aren't a pirate, since only pirates will get notices.
• If you do nothing wrong, you won't get a notice.
• You are responsible for your internet connection. You need to monitor your kids and Thanksgiving houseguests.
• Wireless security is your responsibility. You deserve a notice if your wireless is hijacked.
• If you make it to 5 notices, whatever happens is your fault.
• The system will have no false positives. If you're tagged, it's real.
• Don't sweat it until you get a notice. Then you get to take action. After all, you have 5 more to go.
• Most people who claim innocence, are not really.

and what if i am giving out somehitng i made via torrents?
WHAT if i nvm usa is scewed enjoy being like france ..everyone should drop the internet ( what hollywood wants ) and totally screw these companies over. i dunno go pay a debt or taxes or some shit...


Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to birdfeedr
said by birdfeedr:

Everybody who uses torrents are pirating something.

Wow thats some self-righteousness going on there and yes i detect the sarcasm in it

I make torrents for our software packages we develop and distribute them to our clients at their request.
So I guess my company is guilty.

Also if I commit a crime even though copyright infringement is a civil matter since there are no criminal penalties like incarceration involved in my personal life why does anyone freaking give a rats rear end about it.

Heck if you kill your next door neighbor I could care less about that and even less that you steal copyrighted material.
Maybe Im just jaded or an Anarchist at heart who knows.

In closing Ill add my usual rant
Death to the MPAA, Death to the RIAA and Death to the BSA.


reply to N3OGH
Warner/Chappell Music currently collects royalties for the Commercial use of "Happy Birthday", private performances of the song do not require compensation.