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Re: Gen4 and extremely slow upload speeds


Wish i could do one more test with testmy.net but it seems as though i get half way through and then my computer gets disconnected and then reconnects a few seconds later.. I can't do a test using »consumer.performancetests.hughesnet.com/ because it shows my java is having issues and it worked just fine before with my old modem so this is surprising.

MAC Address passed
LAN PHY passed
Danube Lock passed
VCO Monitor passed
ODU Voltage passed
Key Check passed
RAM Test passed

Mon Nov 19 19:47:10 2012
Packet Loss: 0.00%
Average Delay: 660.13 ms
Minimum Delay: 622.95 ms
Maximum Delay: 705.28 ms

Mon Nov 19 19:47:51 2012
Packet Loss: 0.00%
Average Delay: 668.43 ms
Minimum Delay: 630.19 ms
Maximum Delay: 711.32 ms

Beam ID 32
Outroute ID 0
Gateway ID 3
HT1000/ 1 watt/ Power Max plan/ 4 pc's on a D-Link wired router/ wireless D-Link router with password
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I am just slow big time downloading. I am on the Gen4 Power Plan. I rarely get those big download numbers. I am getting way higher speeds then I did with my HN7000S but not anywhere near the advertised speeds.

:::.. Internet Speed Test Results ..:::
Download Connection Speed:: 6900 Kbps or 6.9 Mbps
Download Speed Test Size:: 9.4 MB or 9600 kB or 9830400 bytes
Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 863 kB/s
Upload Connection Speed:: 588 Kbps or 0.6 Mbps
Upload Speed Test Size:: 576 kB or 589824 bytes
Upload Binary File Transfer Speed:: 74 kB/s
Tested At:: »TestMy.net Version 13
Test Time:: 2012-11-19 16:35:03 Local Time
Validation:: »testmy.net/db/Fhj4DSK.xoFaG2h
More Stats:: »testmy.net/compID/15986049700
User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/5.0) [!]
HughesNet Gen4