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the relation isn't quite understood

Dear TW and other providers
You seem to misunderstand the relations between us. Let me explain them, if I may.
1. I pay you a mutually agreed upon amount of money.
2. You provide me with a service and, possibly, some equipment.
3. If I damage your lines/equipment, or if I don't make the said payments, you are able to cut me off from the flow of bits.
4. If You make changes to the service I don't like, or if I don't require the service any longer, I am able cut you off from the flow of money.
5. Given the current state of technology, including encryption, VPN systems, etc, I am able to enforce the relations as stated above.

Respectfully submitted.

Your service user

That is why I foam at the mouth when I hear the idea of my browser being "restored". TW has neither the right nor the ability to remove or restore anything except their service.