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Waconia, MN
reply to JPedroT

Re: ZyXEL PK5001Z Modem dropping exactly every 15 minutes

said by JPedroT:

Can you get a packet trace that we can look at?

Anyone know how to go about doing this? Sorry, new to this...

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Burlington, ON
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Do you have to connection 'Nailed-up"? If not, make it so.

Do you have latest firmware on the unit? According to this page »qwest.centurylink.com/internethe···are.html the latest is "QZP002-"

Are you using the PK5001Z as modem only? Do you have another router in your setup?
Or is the PK5001Z being used as modem/router?

As for the packet capture, there are basically several ways to do it
1) If the device itself supports a packet capture the use that.
2) If you have a managed switch or true HUB, place it between the modem and router and use the sniffing port capability to capture the packets (assuming you have separate router and modem and access to managed switch or true HUB).


Waconia, MN


Thanks for the response. I don't know if I have the connection "nailed up". I'm guessing there's some way to check in the firmware.

When I tried to upgrade my firmware via the CL site yesterday it said I had the most up to date release -- though I will double check on the exact version.

No additional router connected at this time, just the modem. I'll look around in the firmware and see (for both the packet capture and the nail up).