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San Jose, CA
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reply to Mr Matt

Re: Admit guilt even if you are not guilty of infringement.

Just click through the damned pages, already. That is no more an admission of guilt than your signature on a speeding ticket is an admission of guilt. By clicking through the offered pages you are acknowledging that you have received notice of an accusation of piracy, and "assimilated" certain BS propaganda disguised as, "educational material". Then you get your Internet access back.

Until an agent of the MPAA/RIAA shows up on your doorstep to serve you a court order to appear before a judge in a court of law, this is just a BS circle jerk you have to work through; a "speed bump" on the Information Highway".
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San Antonio, TX

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Brings up an interesting point....

I keep an open wireless connection for visitors at my house ( The ISP can't verify that it was actually me that then clicked on that acknowledgement page should it come up.

But that also goes back to the whole problem of this accusation system... that an IP address does not equal a person and is not guaranteed to lead to the person supposedly violating said copyright.

Austin, TX
Most ISP TOSs essentially say that the person who is the subscriber to the Internet services is responsible for anything that is done on their connection. If you choose to allow guests or other individuals access to your service, that's OK as long as you assume responsibility for their behavior while using it.

Effectively, the ISP (in this case, Time Warner/RoadRunner) is saying, "You can't use our Internet services to illegally access copyrighted material."

So all this said, yeah, I think the whole thing is absurd, and frankly it seems like it's going to take an awful lot of resources to both detect and enforce this whole thing...resources that could be better spent giving us better service. Thanks a bunch, RIAA (said rich in sarcasm)...