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Grandville, MI
reply to pandora

Re: [Business] Main electric being changed to underground condui

You said the meter is moving... how far from current location to new location?
Typically Comcast is going to want to bond to power. So if Comcast comes and replaces the overhead with an underground drop, they are going to want to ground it at the meters location. What also may have to move is where the cable currently enters the home. A line may need to be run from the new meter location to where the line entered before.
Assuming the the conduit was run smartly, and assuming that the tap is located at the same pole as where your conduit terminates it should be an easy switch.
I wouldnt expect there to be a charge for a new drop. Comcast typically handles that as their responsibility. If a tree or storm took down the drop, they would replace it at no charge. If your drop was damaged or removed somehow when poco does their work the new drop should be free.

Without seeing it, and assuming everything goes easy, it should be pretty easy swap.

^^^^^^ what he said... someone is a faster typer