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reply to WNGFAN 1


said by WNGFAN 1:

People got on Jon Jones for turning down a fight with Chael Sonnen on only 8 days notice. I think Anderson Silva saying he won't fight Bones Jones but willing to take on a smaller GSP reeks of fear of losing his perfect unbeaten streak. Dana White needs to step in and stop letting these guys pick their own opponents. GSP vs Johnny Hendricks who deserves a title shot would be a much better match.

Well said.

I think Dana wants to see GSP vs Spider rather than Jones vs Silva as it's two established champions while Jones is still relatively new at holding a belt (or being in UFC at all, compared to the other two) so they are more established in their legacy and have a larger following.

Overall, I don't like the idea of a "superfight" as it means people like Hendricks have to wait for a shot at a title while the titleholders get ready for something else, and then recover from it and start training for a title defense. There may not be anyone for Silva, but who is there for Jones right now? GSP has Hendricks and/or Diaz (if Hendricks doesn't meet Diaz first) that could be seen as legitimate contenders for the belt.

Bottom line: the 'lighter fighter' is at a disadvantage in any of these catch weight fights, so put Silva at the disadvantage and see if he wants to go or not.
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