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Bronx, NY

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reply to haroldo

Re: The $199 iPad killer?

said by haroldo:

Wouldn't it be good for a grandparent or light user who only needs a few functions (email, Facebook, solitaire and Amazon.com)?


I read a quote/comment the other day from a writer (can't remember who it was) that said you should buy the best computer you can for novices. People with above average proficiency with computers can put up with slowdowns, crappy software, etc because they know what to expect. But novices think they're doing something wrong or that computers just suck. I tend to agree with this.

On a different note, my dad is completely computer illiterate. You should see him trying to use a mouse - I can't imagine how he'd use a tiny trackpad and keyboard. But a few months ago he picked up an iPad for the first time and now he uses it every day. And not just for a few functions - he's using many third party apps that recreate an experience he's familiar with (newspapers, books, etc) that just aren't possible with a point and click laptop.

IMO, the chromebook is a solution in search of a problem. I don't think it appeals to hardcore computer users as its functions are very limited. I don't think it appeals to average computer users as they likely already have a laptop that is more powerful and does what they want - these are the people that usually resist change to begin with. People that absolutely need on-the-go quick access to things like e-mail, word documents, etc (google's core services) may be better off with a tablet or smartphone. And I don't think it appeals to novices because well-design tablet software will beat the Chrombook every time.

The only niche I can see it filling in is the business traveller notebook (Thinkpad X31 comes to mind). But I've seen less and less of these in use over the years. On top of that, many IT departments probably wouldn't want all your documents flowing through google to begin with.
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