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Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs
reply to Mr Matt

Re: Admit guilt even if you are not guilty of infringement.

UGH. I love when people pull the old "unconstitutional" horse out of the barn.

The Constitution regulates the relationship between you and the government. It has nothing to do with your relationship with an ISP.

You don't have a Constitutional right to Internet service. If you didn't download the pirated materials (this being the 5th warning) don't click the button that says you did it. It's that simple. Until you settle things otherwise with TW, you have no Internet.

So either you say "screw it" and click through & you pay the price that way, or you don't and you prove to TW you didn't violate copyright laws.

Either way, it's your connection, you're responsible for whatever is downloaded from it. Secure your WiFi, be selective who you give access to it.
Petty people are disproportionally corrupted by petty power