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Hood River, OR

[Telephone] (Hood River,OR) Packet loss, high latency, poor rout

I posted this in the Direct forum also, but have not gotten a response yet (Posted on 11/15/12)

Please can I get some real help with this these problems?

I have been having problems from the day we got Charter to our new home (~3months ago)...

I have two phone services one from Charter and one from VOIPo and neither work correctly. They both have echo, what sounds like static but it is more like jitter dropouts, and garbled voices (I usually use my mobile phone due to this). I can also not use Skype reliably as it cuts out and or drops all together, and online gaming is not playable with stuttering of movement and drop outs.I have run multiple trace routes and ping tests, with most of them showing packet-loss, and variable latency. In addition the speed varies greatly due to the massive swings in latency and packet loss from ~40-100mb (usually in the 40-60mb range) and upload usually is 3-5mb but does not vary as much due to the latency not affecting such a slow speed as much (capped at ~5.3mb).

I have had multiple techs come out and I always get a response of "it looks like there is some sort of network issue and we will have an engineer look into it". Obviously something is wrong, and sadly because I am one of the extremely few with 100mb service in the area so I notice it. I have had HSI from many providers (Verizon Fios, Comcast HSI, Cox HSI) and I have never seen any of them with this kind of latency variation and or packet loss. I also have tried three different routers (Cisco E4200v2, D-Link DIR825, & a Netgear WNDR4500) all had the same problems (currently a Cisco E4200v2). I have also replaced all the network cables with CAT6 just to be sure that is not causing the problems, alas I am at a loss.

After each tech comes out I hear nothing and it just goes back to the same old problem. Oh and they finally buried a drop to my house a few days ago after waiting almost three months, but it is not connected... I should not be paying for a premium service (100mb) and getting what other get on the 30mb connection in addition to the other problems above.

Corporate speed tests below:
Funny part is that any other speed test that I run is garbage usually... What is the point of HSI if it is only fast to their internal speed test, I have a LAN for that...


Speed seems ok today, but the phone (both Charter and Voipo) still have static dropouts and what not.


Other speed tests:


Hood River, OR

Re: [Telephone] (Hood River,OR) Packet loss, high latency, poor

No response from either forum still, this sucks...