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Re: [Troubleshooting] MiFi 4620L Firmware Won't Update


My organization ordered more 4620L's from Verizon. They don't sell them any longer...the 4620LE is what they sell they told us.

We received the 4620LE units...they are literally 4620L's, but with a double size battery! All they did was take 4620L's, put in a larger battery, then a double height battery door. The little label says "4620LE", but the firmware and management pages still show 4620L...hahaha.

Last week, I was unable to update the firmware as in the past. However, today I am not successfully getting, over the air, the update to 3.20.11. A few little things I've noticed are that now the unit, when connected to 4G, says "4G LTE Verizon" when it used to not have the LTE section. It also displays the MDN (phone number) of the device when you go to the information section on the device, where in the past it just gave you a URL for connecting to the unit.

Glad the update is finally working..I have faith now that the units will update. I am a little miffed though that the 40 or so 4620L's we bought the past few months now have the wimpy battery and anyone buying now gets a "4620L", but rebranded as a 4620LE with extended battery...


Correction to my last post, I mis-typed. We are getting 3.20.11 now. I used the word "not" in my post above..sorry. The update is now working for both our 4620L units and our new 4620LE units.

Here's the release notes on 3.20.11 from the Verizon website: »support.verizonwireless. ··· 620l.pdf

West Linn, OR
Looks like some worthwhile updates.

Thanks for posting.