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reply to GeorgeBurger

Re: For George Burger: ie. Stop the Bell Astral Deal-Help Wanted

said by GeorgeBurger:

This story is clearly not over yet, and bears close scrutiny by every Canadian that cares about a competitive and innovative content delivery ecosystem.

The thing is, as shown by some of the comments above and the comments in the previous topic you created, I don't think people realize this.

How many companies already filed about Bell's anti-competitive behavior because they couldn't negotiate with Bell for program rights?

I don't think people are aware of this at all.

All these entities filed with the CRTC about Bell not negotiating rights:
“This issue was recently exhaustively canvassed by the Commission in its Vertical Integration proceeding” (Bell, Supp. Brief, para 59). In fact, the CRTC observed that consumer groups, non-integrated distributors (Telus, MTS Allstream, SaskTel, Cogeco, Eastlink, etc.) as well as independent broadcasters (VMedia, APTN, Zoomer, etc.) “filed evidence and argument” that cast significant doubt about the capacity of the new vertical integration rules to effectively constrain “BCE’s alleged anti competitive behaviour with respect to program rights negotiations and product launches”

Source: » ··· al-deal/

Yet in the same breath we have that gem of a quote by Cope in the first post.

Content is king. Ask the American entertainment & content machine.

said by GeorgeBurger:

If you control the content, you control the prices, you control where it can be seen, and you control what Canadians can watch. I really hope that message gets through to all Canadians who care about whether these choices should be dictated to them.

Nope I don't think many realize at all that content is Bells currency.

This past September when the head of the competition bureau stepped down (and many say she was forced out), she stated:
Creating large powerful “domestic champion” companies is bad for consumers and bad for the economy, the country’s activist competition watchdog said in a parting shot to Corporate Canada.

Melanie Aitken, who steps down Friday as head of the Competition Bureau, said she views firms “wrapping a deal in the flag” as a warning sign. ...

“If you coddle companies at home by allowing them to exploit Canadian consumers in order to be big on the world stage, you have done your own people a disservice … If that’s the way that a deal comes in, wrapping itself in the flag, I’m skeptical about the real efficiencies that are pushing the deal.”

The Competition Commissioner was not referring to any specific transaction.

But she acknowledged that the bureau is concerned about growing concentration in Canadian broadcasting and so-called “vertical integration” between content producers and the cable and satellite firms that control delivery.

Source: » ··· 4558031/

And what is Bell doing? Bell is dressing it all up with a Canadian flag, as seen directly on their webpage they are flogging to the public.

Nope.. I don't think many people realize at all.

What should also be concerning is Bell's drive to go private and they want to sell off to the Americans. They couldn't the last time around due to foreign ownership rules. If/when that changes and they try to go private again, Canadian content will be in American hands anyhow. Doesn't matter how you dress this pig up.

I tried to find the link to the CRTC hearing you were at with VMedia over at CPAC, put just don't see it. And the old link from this topic is now dead (»Re: Stop the Bell Astral Deal-Help Wanted).

That was quite the powerful speech you gave. Though I think it went above the heads of a lot of people here. Wish I could find that video again...

I bet that Cope quote on that Bell spam website has a lot of people laughing.

I'm not very optimistic about round 2.


George Cope Sez
Funny how there is a list of about a dozen people all complaining at the CRTC that they can't acquire rights for their IPTV service, plain TV service, or mobile platforms.

In effect the consumer loses since there is no competition on the platform of your choice.

Yet here George Cope is saying in the screen-shot that it all isn't true. It's all your imagination. People have a choice. Use Bell only or get nothing since we don't negotiate.

It really is quite Bizarre...