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Rochester, NY

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reply to Smith6612

Re: [DSL] New equipment! ^__^

said by Smith6612:

I'm still having some download issues while uploading

Oop's never used the quote thing.
When Frontier did work here in rochester and my IP changed the speeds seemed to get better but the latnecy went nuts upload a file so you can do a 100 or 200 times ping test I get 800ms during an upload. this was about 4 or 5 months ago.
Try this allso do a ping test and during it run a few speed tests both Frontiers and otheres and you will see a big spike when its Frontiers upload part of the test even more than the download part

North Tonawanda, NY
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The strange part is, I'm not necessarily seeing a big spike in Frontier's own tests versus outside sources. Pretty much where I'm not going through a congested route, 60ms is the extra latency I take on when uploading or downloading. When both are going it's at around 100ms. The problem is with the way QoS is being handled, where I seem to be unable to upload at nearly full speed without maintaining 3Mbps download. I haven't had the time to figure this one out but it was a problem with the old router Frontier had me going through. I'm hoping I can get 3.2Mbps/600kbps being pushed solidly as I could with my Verizon line, which does 4.8Mbps/600kbps without hesitation in both directions.