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blind seeER

reply to Paolo

Re: Great news! - CRTC blocks Astral buy by Bell

said by Paolo:

i have nothing against bce wanting to buy astral, most of the people who want it to stop, cant give a good enough reason except they dislike bce and bell from a customer service point of view. that should not be a good enough reason to stop this deal, if i dislike mcdonalds cus of personal reaosns and they wanted to buy burger king, then id be dumb. let them do what they want, if anyone has a say, its the competition bureaw and the crtc.

Well maybe that is your myopic view. However, some of the people posting in this forum are in the IPTV business and know they cannot even get a station from Bell. Bell is being anti-competitive on all fronts. This in turn is preventing choice for the people.

So no, this isn't a MacDonalds situation.