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reply to mlerner

Re: For George Burger: ie. Stop the Bell Astral Deal-Help Wanted

said by mlerner:

said by bell media :

dude, let the regulators do their job. if they want bce to buy astral media, then let it be done.

The regulators do their job based on input from all parties and Canadian citizens. I suggest you read up on the last proceeding which will you show you the various and vast amount of comments that were made by the cable/telco/content providers and the public which was used to formulate their decision.

Not only that, but you left out the anti-competitive behavior which leads to less choice. And in regards to this topic, the person in question has already experienced Bell refusing to be competitive.

However, some people love being locked into and anticompetitve company that limits peoples choices across the board, and increases costs across the board.

Maybe Paolo & bell media can create a topic in support of Bell and less choice? Maybe they can flog Bell's bullsh*t for them?