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Lincroft, NJ
reply to dishrich

Re: [DTA] Formerly free DTAs are now $1.99/mo. each in the ATL

said by dishrich:

They must be doing something different in the ATL region then - up here, all newly acquired DTA's AFTER 7/1/12, would have the normal $2 monthly charge - regardless if it was a sub's first 2 DTA's or not.
But ALL subs that were currently getting their current 1-2 DTA's, would be grandfathered in at no charge; although they did NOT state it would be "as long as you were a current sub"...

Sounds like they will start charging us for those "grandfathered" DTAs here in the Freedom Region, as this notice was printed in my latest bill:
Effective Jan 1, 2013, the monthly price for Digital Adapter Outlet service on the first 2 additional outlets for customers with a minimum video subscription of Digital Starter, will change from No Charge to $1.49 per outlet. In addition, subscribers will be charged a separate equipment charge of $.50 per month for each Digital Adapter that is utilized on these outlets. Prices exclude applicable taxes and fees.


Weirton, WV
Looks like I might be returning my dta then. It's just sitting in a box so if this is the case it will be going back.

Old dogs can learn new tricks
Bethel, CT
Me too. I have two. One is hooked to the bedroom TV which we use maybe once a month, the other is on the shelf, never opened. I was planning on putting it into the guest bedroom but never had the need.

This whole thing is a real ripoff. We used to get basic cable right off the wire and now they are making us pay per drop? Sounds very very much like the old phone company that charged per phone. That was struck down years ago, maybe this one will be too?
Old dogs can learn new tricks!