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Hilo, HI
reply to Mele20

Re: [WIN8] How do I ENABLE taskbar transparency in Win 8?

I just switched to my XP Pro machine which means unhooking the one monitor I have from Win 8 machine and hooking it up to the XP machine. Wow, what a difference in the display! Same monitor and both OSes have nVidia cards.

I then checked my email (I use OE and use it on Win 8). I had an email waiting from Dell support regarding the Dell form I filled out to request a Win 8 Reinstallation disk. It said because Win 8 computer shipped with no media, I would need to pay Dell for a reinstallation disk...didn't give the price and said to call a particular number for the price. So, I did that and got Dell Small/Med Business Expired Warranty Support! Evidently, the phone system only saw my old XP Dell machine and didn't see the new machine. The tech I spoke to said that I have hardware and software warranties on the new machine and said I needed to talk with Dell Small/Med Business Employer Software Support Program and said he would transfer me. But before he did that he asked me what I think of Win 8 and did I plan to keep the computer?

I had not said anything at that point about liking or disliking Win 8. I had just asked for media for Win 8 so I could do a clean install. For him to want to know if I plan to return the computer....well, there are already returns to Dell so they are trying to monitor the acceptance/non acceptance of Win 8.

I asked about my downgrade rights and he immediately said..no problem if I want to downgrade but I should talk to the correct Employer Software Support Program not him because he is Expired Warranty. He did say that there is NO reinstallation disk for win 8. That does not exist if you have Win 8 OEM from ANY manufacturer because Microsoft made it this way. Yet he said I could do a clean install but without a disk...that makes no sense. We then talked about what bothers me so much in Win 8 (he wanted to know on behalf of Dell which is collecting this information from everyone). Then he transferred me to the correct department where I was told I should call between 8-5PM T-F CST to avoid long holds. So, I will call tomorrow as I am not even on the Win 8 computer now.
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