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Hilo, HI
reply to plencnerb

Re: [WIN8] How do I ENABLE taskbar transparency in Win 8?

said by plencnerb:

Well, I switched back to my Windows 8 test system, and looked at the bottom task bar.

By default, when I select one of the Windows Default Themes, the bottom bar is "Transparent". Meaning, that the bitmap image that is behind it you can see.

Picture #1 shows this in action

I did not have to do anything to enable it. It just did it for me.

However, other Windows are not Transparent. Just the bottom task bar is. I don't think there is a way to enable Transparent Windows. Just a transparent bar at the bottom.

However, to get the "peek" feature on, I right-clicked on the taskbar, and then selected "Properties". The windows in Picture #2 was then displayed. I had to check the box "Use Peek to preview the desktop when you move your mouse to the Show Desktop button at the end of the taskbar". By default, this box was unchecked.

Picture #3 shows the "Peek" feature working.

As far as my video card, it is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 220, with a Windows 8 driver. The version of the driver is, dated 10/2/2012 (See Pic #4). I installed this driver myself. Not sure what was there by default. For video cards (as well as LAN, Wireless, and Sound) I always go to the vendor to find the most current version depending on my hardware. And by Vendor, I don't mean the maker of the computer (like Dell), I go to whoever makes the card (In the case of the video card, I went to NVIDIA's webpage.


Justin's adjustments to this text box don't work in Windows 8...I just realized it after switching back to the XP machine where it does work.

Yes, I agree Win 8 only makes the taskbar transparent (although even the default themes do not do this for me). To have Windows transparency that function needs to be on your video card and it is not on my card but I suspect that is because Microsoft has made impossible for a video card to do transparancy of windows in Windows 8. I'll find out when I can reach Dell Employer Sofware Support Program...probably have to call 4AM my time.

That Peek feature allows you see a preview of the new theme. That works for me...transparency of the taskbar does not.
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