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Re: Gen4 and extremely slow upload speeds

If you just signed up you can terminate your contract before the first 30 days are up.

You are wasting your time contacting anyone about how they are ripping you off. You won't win that one. I have good service but I see that you don't have as much as you're supposed to get.

Honestly though, if it was me, and I'm out in the country and hughesnet is my only option and I could get 3MB down, which is a dsl connection, I'd still be happy!

I'm glad mine does go 15MB but on websites you can't tell the difference between a 3mb and a 15mb connection. You notice it on downloads. My parents have 3MB dsl and it feels the same.

If it's your only option then cancel it and go back to 1MB with the daily cap. I couldn't deal with that.

The upside when the speed is slow, at 3MB you won't take up your cap as easily. Mine stays around 15Mb down, so my cap goes faster. If I click on a video, it will load the whole video fast. If I decide I don't want to watch it, 10 seconds into it, well I've already clicked it and loaded the video, thus my cap starts going down.