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Evanston, IL

[Anveo] Is Anveo GOODIES useless?

I am very new at this but I like Anveo features a lot and I hope the answer to the question is an emphatic NO.
However, here is my understanding:
‘Goodies’ allows 3 things:
a. detect if the incoming call is fax or voice. If voice then
b. under certain conditions one can listen to voice mail from another phone
c. under certain conditions one can make calls using Anveo phone number as Caller ID
Item a is incorrect most of the time for me i.e, the phone rings even when the incoming call is a fax. It does work correctly when using “Receive Fax” in the call flow instead of “Goodies”. However, the received fax quality is awful whatever format I use (TIFF or pdf). Is there anything I can do to get an acceptable quality for incoming faxes?
Item b is horrendously cumbersome and I cannot imagine anybody going through all the steps required, for sure not if you’re driving and try to check out your voice messages. Specifically (quote from atraum »Re: [Anveo] Remote voicemail retrieval )
Call from identified number and it asks for passcode. I input goodies passcode and it brings me to the main Anveo menu (not voicemail boxes) and requests my voicemail access number and password. Ugh, too much input...

Call from unidentified number and I can hit "secret number", key in request for goodies passcode which once again brings me to the Main Anveo Menu instead of all voicemail boxes without authorization and choosing the voicemail tree requests voicemail access number and password. Ugh, once again too much input

Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
It has been mentioned several times on this forum that fax over internet is a best effort situation and POTS line will always be better in that respect.

I agree that Goodies can be streamlined with regards of remote voicemail retrieval. Send your suggestions on how you would like it to work to Anveo - they have been responsive to my emails.