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Hilo, HI
reply to plencnerb

Re: [WIN8] How do I ENABLE taskbar transparency in Win 8?

said by plencnerb:

I wanted to add another note about your video card.
I would verify that you are running this version of the driver. Your issue may be driver related, if you are running an old or incorrect driver for your nVidia 660 GTX card.

My personal preference is not trust Microsoft when it comes to installing drivers for network cards (both wired and wireless), video cards, and sound cards. I always make sure that I have the proper drivers based on my hardware, for the OS installed, directly from the hardware manufacturer.


Dell had a NON Windows 8 certified driver installed on this video card yet the card is sold ONLY with Win 8 machines. (In fact, if I exercise my downgrade rights to Win 7 Pro at least two Dell employees have stated that this video card will not work on Win 7 because Microsoft so radically changed Win 8 that video cards made for Win 8 will not work if you downgrade. I find that shocking, if true, but difficult to believe could be true.

Dell just started selling the nVidia 660 series for their Win 8 machines. I got the correct driver last night from nVidia (I know to never use Dell or Microsoft Updates for drivers).

The new nVidia driver certified as the FIRST Windows 8 driver from nVidia, does not give me transparency of the taskbar and does not provide transparency of Windows through the functions of the video card itself.
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