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Columbia, TN

Running 2 different Vid Cards at the same time

Is it possible to run two totally different cards at the same time?
I want to keep my Radeon HD 6450 but I also want to use an older ATI All-In-Wonder 9200 (if there are drivers for my OS)?
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I see
What for?
So you can use multiple monitors? Maybe you can for that simple reason.
You only need the latest ATi driver.

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Short answer: some motherboards will allow it some won't. As far as SLI/Crossfire is concerned, sometimes you can do it sometimes you can't. Google is your friend for specific configurations. You are almost never the only one with part A, part B, and part C trying to do X.


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Not sure about ati and your motherboard but it works great with my asus board, gtx 580 and gtx 660ti. I mostly did it just to try it, the 580 is running as a physx card. Also run distributed computing on them. Best way to know for sure is try it.

said by Relkin:

the 580 is running as a physx card..... Also run distributed computing on them. Best way to know for sure is try it.

Little off topic for ATI - PhysX.

But I believe you are right as others have pointed out; try and see, no-one in fairy land will be able to tell you if it works or not. Unless they have used your exact hardware numerous times.

To the OP:
What is the power supply, everyone seems to want to know this first before really answering this question on 2 graphics cards in 1 system.

Are you talking 2 x PCIe or 1 x pci and 1 x 1 agp?
Maybe a little more in specs would help the answer?
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Lanett, AL
reply to heels_fan
I know both AMD/ATI and nVidia have gone back and re-released a few random cards that were AGP onto the PCIe bus. The AIW 9200 started out life as an AGP card and without an AGP slot on the motherboard you won't get this to work. There may be an adapter out there but those usually require half-height cards, of which the AIW is not. Not to mention those adapters are usually not worth their trouble.

Even if you have a board with both PCIe and AGP (there were some made), the AGP slot probably shares the signal (an embedded converter/adapter basically) from the PCIe x16 slot. Basically you probably wouldn't be able to use both in the same motherboard even if you had both slots on the board, but without knowing the specific motherboard to look it up or simply trying it and see what happens, there's no way to know for sure.

What are you trying to accomplish here? The 6450 has 3 ports on it and supports eyefinity so you can use all three ports (and with the DP daisy chaining, can use more than 3 monitors). It can't be because you don't want to use the VGA port on the 6450, as the AIW only has a VGA port. If you need more VGA ports, just get adapters for the DVI and DP.

If you want the AIW for the NTSC/PAL tuner, I'd suggest you look at ANY other dedicated TV tuner card. Drivers for this card will be an issue for sure, but probably easy enough to solve. FYI, AMD stripped support for the older cards from their newest driver set so just getting the newest one won't work. To get AIW 9200 drivers, I had to drop the OS back to XP and the version it gave me is 6.11 (display driver version 8.31). For reference, the newest is 12.10 with 12.11 in beta currently.

In short, I wouldn't do it.