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Made of Hamburger
Dupont, WA
reply to darcilicious

Re: Revolution (NBC, Sept 17)

An ehh episode for me tonight. Didn't dig the hallucinations,,,even if LZ was playing in the background. For me the best part was the end of the episode with Charlie's mom. "now you need me"

Other items: is it me or did the air seems to run out of the tunnel pretty fast considering how big the tunnel was?.

Maybe next week we will see what Randall wants Grace to do.

And based upon previews of the next episode, makes me wonder where the show goes from here...assuming they get Ben and get out.

Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the dogs of war

S1e09 Kashmir, featured hallucinations instead of flashbacks which was not an improvement. I see that the resistance is just a bunch of expendable buffoons to be predictably killed off in each episode. The writers could have done so much better. Charlie Gang "needed" the resistance to get into Philadelphia, but all of them were dead before they got out of the tunnel from their own bullets. The resistance's help was unnecessary. They just used up the oxygen faster.

Monroe does not need Charlie's mom. Based on the preview of the next episode, the man she killed already made an amplifier for Monroe.
The overall plot for future episodes is fairly easy to guess. Charlie Gang will rescue the family using some implausible plan, fail to kill Monroe, Grace will probably stop his energized army and the Monroe Militia will unsuccessfully hunt for Charlie Gang while killing members of the resistance. The militia might capture a member of Charlie Gang who they have to rescue again. The hunt for how to turn the power back on will be without end. The writers do not have the creativity to do better.