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[Connectivity] friend keeps getting timed out / lag spikes in ga

i have spent the past 2 days trying remote support to help my friend with his internet problems. we'v used cmd to ping all sorts of places even his own router address, he was receiving a timeout every close to 5-10 secs. i disable his router firewall and reset his OS firewall settings. now he can go up to 30 secs with out getting a timeout

the weird thing is he lags in every game we try to play except 1. league of legends, we ping the lol site and a server and sure enough he did not receive any timeouts that's the part that really threw me off he talked to comcast/xfinity and they made him disconnect because the tech we got didn't know what to do.

i snapped a shot of his router stats log but don't know what to make of it please help he just spent 200$ upgrading his PC to think that would fix his problem


his router is a XFINITY Wireless Gateway i think

Snohomish, WA

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Re: [Connectivity] friend keeps getting timed out / lag spikes i

Has he tried directly connected to the modem?

edit: by gateway, you mean, an all-in-one modem-router-AP?
if it has ethernet ports, he should try a wired connection.


sorry for the long response, i was extremely tired like i mentioned before 2days non stop trying to fix this, ill include better understanding of whats going on

he's connected the the all in 1 router/modem/phone box.
he's connected using a 30ft cord, the box is down stairs.
we've tried everything but a factory reset on the box.

he's not very computer savvy, i don't think he'd be able to configure his router to connect back to the net.

today im going to have him delete his user OS account and make a new one, he has a lot of stuff on his current 1.

i know that seems desperate but i'm out of options.


Pleasanton, CA
wait is he timing out to his router?


yes pinging his own gateway, his ping is 1ms when no timeout. i think i got a Lil more info, i ran windows troubleshoot problem thing today, at the same time as one of the time outs happened. and got this message,

"Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding"

i went in to his ipv4 settings and his dns was on automatic but defaulting to we are currently trying manual dns now. i set the dns to and his alt to

i'm out of ideas ill have him try everything and anything

(i mean anything. stick a banana in the microwave if you swear it will fix it.)

also a new problem has occurred his speeds are slow now. he just got off live chat with an Comcast tech, and they did something that resulted in 2 minuets of his speed being normal. 30 mbps download but still the timeouts occurred, he said his goodbyes and closed chat then within 30 secs of closing chat. got disconnected from internet and speeds slowed back down to 3 mbps max he has the Comcast blast tier.

he's actually on hold with Comcast as i type this and they told him he has outages in his area and to call back in the mourning to have a tech come out. his location Chicago, IL

but why would that cause him to get request timed out when pinging his own gateway or another pc on his lan. this has me drained of life i cant come up with anything and its been 3 days now


Donora, PA
any suggestions at all ? its getting worse we cant even use teamviewer anymore