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Las Vegas, NV
reply to Lurch77

Re: reset light

said by Lurch77:

said by Beezel:

Yea I think a recent reset should not make a difference. If it is off and working normally when testing then it should be passed. Here in Vegas you only need for it to be off while testing.

All the computer monitors need to be back online for a proper check. You cannot check the system if they are not. Some cars require a number of starts, some require run time or mileage for the computer to go through the entire check. If your locality just checks to see if the light is out, then they are not really doing a proper emission test. Most likely a way to get money instead. If you only need it to be off, disconnect the wire from the light and you are done.

No they do the full computer check (ODB 2, and sniffer for other vehicles) even look under hood to make sure nothing has been tampered with. I am not talking about doing it in the parking lot before inspection. More like a couple days before with normal daily driving. Should have everything back and ready with light off. Not talking about what date and time the last reset was.