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Nokesville, VA

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reply to Viper316

Re: Does anyone still make good DSL modems?

Back in 2005 when I became aware that DSL was available in my area (and I jumped on it like a duck on a June bug ) Verizon sent to me a Westell 6100 Dual Connect C90. Several years later, I started experiencing probs and determined that the Westell was the culprit.

After a particularly unsatisfactory experience with the folks in Mumbai, Verizon sent me an ActionTec modem/router replacement, but by that time I had acquired a replacement Westell C90 off of eBay. I gave the Actiontec to my cousin and set it up for her. With the exception of the one time it hiccupped and I had to get her out of the @^$#!*^ "Walled Garden", it has served her well.

The Westell C90 handles 3Mbps service very well. It also handled the 5Mbps service that they offered in my area for a brief time and I checked out with a 6-Month Trial Offer.

I currently am still using that replacement Westell C90 (I have a couple of more, pre-configured, in a box in the basement) along with a WNR3500L loaded with DD-WRT as the core of my home network.